March 18, 2019

The Bay Area's Biggest Problem Might Be Solved in San Joaquin County

by Reginald Sylvester

What’s the biggest problem in Northern California today?  Affordable Housing.

San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland California are 3 of the six most expensive places to live in America. 

According to Zillow, Alameda County’s Median Home Price today is $869,100.

The median rent in ...

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Aug. 5, 2016

What You Need To Know About... REAL ESTATE INVESTING


Real Estate is the only place where you can iStock_000019551430XSmall-4d4312

Buy a House for $100,000.

Sell it for $50,000 and still make a profit!


Do You Understand this?      flip doubt

Most people don't.  

If you'd like to know the answer to ...

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